Thursday, February 5, 2009

Evelyn's Sleepover

Friday night was Evelyn's sleepover. This year we decided no birthday party but she could have a couple friends for a sleepover. Well, a couple turned to four. Oh, I should say five since Adeline was hanging with all of them and having a ball. She was determined she was going to sleep with all of them but finally convinced her at 10:45pm to go to her room.They all seemed to have a good time. Everyone brought their sleeping bags and after some dinner, a craft, cake and presents, they settled down with a movie. It was about an hour after lights out that all was quiet. To bed late (around 11:40pm) and up at 6:15 (due to our smoke alarm chirping low battery), they had breakfast and played some more before we had to leave by 10am to get to the circus. Here are a couple pics from that night and the circus.

My attempt at cake decorating: Alex, Ashlyn, Evelyn, Jack and Lily Addy asleep at the circus

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