Monday, March 2, 2009

A Snowman/girl Named Just Skip

After two days of rain all day long, we had our third snow day this year. Of course it has to come on a school day. You know what that means.......snowman or snowgirl making with Evelyn. I affectionately named her "Tilt" but Evelyn said NO. She must be named Skip Elmore Brown. A very girly name don't you think?

catching snowflake Sunday night

We spent 90% of our weekend inside due to the rain. Only a short trip out to the gym on Saturday. When I came home at 11 a.m., this is what I found. Brian picked her up, changed her diaper and clothes and she still didn't wake up. Evelyn and I tie-dyed two shirts while Daddy cleaned out the storage closet. Big doings in our house. We have hired a contractor to do some remodeling for us. I'll give you more info later, but we're pretty excited!

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