Saturday, March 28, 2009

Daddys Birthday

Brian turned 43 on Thursday. He has been working hard and long hours and is a bit exhausted and his birthday was no exception. Knowing Thursday would be difficult between Brian working late and Evelyn's gymnastics, we decided to have his birthday dinner the night before. Brian's mom was nice enough to give me her lasagna recipe and Evelyn and I had fun making it for him. We didn't have time to make a cake that day so we made some chocolate covered strawberries and saved the cake for his birthday.

On Thursday I baked a cake and then waited for Evelyn to get home to frost and decorate it. Brian got home at 7:30 and while he sat down to eat dinner, we plopped his cake in front of him so we could sing and let the girls have cake and ice cream before they went to bed.

Chef E

Evelyn's Cake Decorating

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