Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Gonna Catch Me A Leprechaun

You'd think it was Christmas in our house. Evelyn came home in a fury about Leprechauns. Apparently at school they really talked them up. A Leprechaun even came in their classroom while they were gone and tipped over chairs, left Leprechaun dust (glitter), ripped their St. Patricks Day drawings and put gold coins in each of their cubbies. She is sure it was a Leprechaun, the most mischievous of them all. A boy on her bus said he caught one and killed it.


So between being scared and anxious to catch one herself, a trap was set!

The evil leprechaun

We Caught Us A Leprechaun!

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Muscato said...

Tracy, I love reading your blog...I am just trying to figure out why you put Bailey's on the floor, you should know by now, Jamison's is the leprechan's drink of choice...I won't tell Evelyn that you sabatoged the trap ;)