Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Few Mountain Facts

We went to the NC Mountains with some friends this past weekend. We love the mountains and were so looking forward to some R&R and beautiful foliage.

Wednesday I had to pick up Addy from preschool. Her teacher called and said she just is so sad today and doesn't want to play.

Thursday - Whoo Hoo, Happy Birthday to me. Ugh! Can't believe I'm 37. Every year since we've been in NC we go to the Mountains the weekend closest to my birthday. Kind of my b-day present.

Addy's sick, somethings not right. Doctor can't see her until 2 and we are leaving at 1pm. I'm sure she'll be fine.

Big mistake. Addy is miserable. We are miserable. Sleepless night.

Friday - Rain, rain and more rain. Weather is miserable, Addy is miserable and we are miserable. Off to Urgent Care. Addy has a wicked ear infection, ruptured eardrum, fever and cold symptoms. Ahhh, vacation.

Saturday - A break in the clouds, Yippee! Off fishing we will go! Addy still miserable but has moments of happiness, albeit short. Just get to Grandfather Trout Farm and get the pole in the water and our neighbor who went with us gets a call that her daughter little Ri-Ri and her Grandma were in a car accident. Chaos and confusion and off they go to pack up everything from the cabin and drive back home. Awful. Fortunately, everyone is fine, just shook up, but mountain trip is cut short.

When all this was happening, Evelyn caught a fish. She screams, and screams. Fish are very scary you know. Addy thinks it's funny. Those two are so different.
The place filets the fish for us and after a view photo opps with a fish statue and the garbage bag with the deceased fish and Ice in it, we are off to lunch.

Addy throws 2 amazing tantrums and we decide to bail on more fun. On the way home Addy falls asleep and then after a 1/2 hour sleep we decide to see how she will be at the Halloween festival in Blowing Rock via way of Boone.

Catch a shot of the ASU game via the hilltop in Boone and pull over for a moment to see them score.

It's freezing but Addy does well at the festival and mommy finds a nice birthday gift for herself in one of the shops. Thank you Brian!

Back to the cabin for some R & R if that is possible with Addy. Evelyn has had a ball playing with Jack and Maddy, two of her friends came with us.

Sunday, The medicine seems to be kicking in for Addy. She actually is pleasant and enjoys playing in the cabin.
Not sure what to do next, we head down the road to check out and return the keys. Addy starts whining and holding her other ear. We decide to head straight home with only a quick stop to a roadside apple stand. Before we get there we hear, among the whimpers, "Gargle, blat, gargle, splat". Ah, the sound of a toddler getting sick in the car. As we look for a place to get off the road, she does it again. A lot!

We stop at that cute mountain roadside stand but spend the whole time cleaning her, the car, luggage, my computer, and ........Bunny. I kept hearing that song in my head, "OOh OOh, that smell! Can't you smell that smell?

We get home, exhausted, stinky and more stressed than when we left, but it is great to be home. Maybe next year will be relaxing.

I will get some pictures and the video of Evelyn and the fish soon.

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