Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween 2008

Ok, so I'm slacking a little bit. Time seems to fly and by the time I sit down to blog, my mind is so tired and empty. Addy is much better. I took her off her medicine early due to the side effects. I hope it doesn't come back to bite me but she is getting rechecked next week.

Halloween was great. Evelyn was a cheerleader and Addy a flamingo. She wasn't to fond of the hood so you wouldn't be able to guess that was her costume from the pictures. We met up at 6pm with three of our neighbors and their kids and went around the neighborhood together. This was the first time we hit the whole neighborhood. Both the girls had a great time but Addy seemed more excited about the candy than Evelyn. When we got home, Addy was ready to eat her goodies but Evelyn just wanted hot chocolate and go to bed. It was cold, colder than in the past, but still a far cry to when I was young. I remember bundling up in our snowsuits and then putting our costumes over it. Here are some pictures of Halloween and some of the mountains.

Brian and the Girls in Blowing Rock

Evelyn and Addy at the Trout Farm and Evelyn's 4lb Trout

The Mountain Gang

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