Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Just the Two of Us

I know I should be paying more attention to the debate but I lost interest an hour into it. So I thought this was a perfect time to write a quick blog then go to bed. I had my first parent/teacher conference on Monday morning. Evelyn is doing well academically but needs work on her self-esteem. This is holding her back from trying new things at school. She reminds me a lot of myself. Or at least I think. I just keep hearing my Mother saying "you're making yourself have a mental block, you can figure this out if you just stop thinking that you can't". Evelyn continually works herself up the littlest things and doesn't think she can do anything new. She is a smart kid and just needs to get past this (I hope) stage. I hope she breaks out of her shell sooner than I did. One funny thing her teacher said: I came in the other day to have lunch with Evelyn and she was talking up a storm. Mrs. Jenkins (her kindergarten teacher) said, "it is so nice to hear her voice, she never talks." Evelyn?? Really? The same girl that can't stop talking at home? The same girl that says her favorite thing to do in the morning is lay in bed and talk? Say it isn't so.

Addy has preschool on Mondays so Evelyn and I had a day just the two of us. After hearing how she was doing in school we headed out to breakfast at Dunkin Donuts (her choice). Had a quick bite to eat then went to the skating rink. We had taken her once before and she loved it. We had a great time. She was determined but didn't do as well as last time. I think she was too busy looking around and trying to see who was there that she knew. The rink was open to the public but since there was no school, they had special pricing and 50% of the profits went back to the school.

After two hours of skating, we had a quick bite to eat at McDonalds (again, her choice) then had to go pick up Addy. It seems like forever since Evelyn and I got to spend one on one time together like that. She had so much one on one time for four years, then Bubba came and time alone became difficult.

Sorry no pictures of us skating. I was too afraid we would fall and break the camera. Evelyn does have a bunch of bruises on her legs. Next time I think she'll wear knee pads. Now if I could just convince her to take lessons. She's too afraid to try them.

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