Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bunny just can't get a break

I have a long story to tell but only have a minute. I promise to bring you up to speed soon. Long story short bunny hasn't had it easy these past few days. Addy has been sick, very sick and she refuses to eat. Bunny on the otherhand is very hungry. Addy pretends to feed bunny. After her lunch (bunny's that is) Addy got down and played while I cleaned up bunny's mess. Next thing I know, Addy hands me Bunny and says "Uh oh". She decided to give bunny a dirt bath in the plant. The dirt stuck nicely to the grease she got on it from lunch. Rewind to Sunday. We were on our way home from the mountains and Addy threw up all over Bunny, and many other things. Poor Bunny, just got a bath from the projectile vomit, now will be back in the wash when she gets up from her nap. Lucky for you I didn't get a picture of Bunny with Pomegrante/Blueberry and Banana all over her. Note to Self: Never bring a child with an Ear Infection to the Mountains. Bad Idea.

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