Friday, October 17, 2008

When I Grow Up

Thursday I took Addy to Sesame Street Live with two friends from the neighborhood and their 2 year old. I had been talking it up. Saying, "were going to see Elmo. Do you want to see Elmo?" She of course would say, "ELMO!, YES!" Two words she knows well. Our seats were great, 3 rows back. The venue wasn't all that big so I'm sure all the seats would have been fine but I wanted to make sure she got a great view. She really enjoyed it. It took a little warming up. She was on my lap and holding my arm tight. Every time I tried to make her let go, she would grab it again and put it back where she wanted it. By intermission, she was all good and didn't even need to be on my lap. I'm sure there were a lot of tense children there that day. A six foot monster in your face with the sound blaring tends of get that kind of reaction. Sorry about the poor quality photos, all I had was my camera phone.

The show was titled "When Elmo Grows Up" and coincidentally, on the way to school this morning, Evelyn said she wanted to be a Teacher, Artist and a Bus Driver.


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