Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas Eve

This year we decided to stay home for the holidays and spend some quality time with the girls. It was sad not to be around family, but also nice just go with the flow of the day and do what we want or nothing at all.
Christmas eve the girls wanted to make cookies for Santa since we hadn't made any this year. They have always want to make a recipe from a Christmas book they love.

After that we went to an early church service at Addy's preschool church. It was a family service geared more toward the kids. It was very cute and kept the girls attention. So glad we went. Then we headed home for a Christmas Happy Hour/Dinner, playing games and letting the girls open two gifts each (one from us that I pick and one gift of their choice) then a walk through the neighborhood in our PJ's to see Christmas lights one last time. The girls had to check out the neighbors countdown clock. Notice the tint of pink in Addy's hair. She decided to turn it red and green right before church (without me knowing). I guess she didn't like it because she washed most of it out before she came downstairs The green came out but the red turned pink and stayed for the festivities.

Kiddie Cocktails
Notice the pink hair 
Addy picked a gift from Uncle Tom & Aunt Cheri
Evelyn picked a present from Papa & Grandma 

New Christmas PJ's from Mom & Dad
3 hours, 53 min, 20 seconds to go! 
Daddy sprinkling hay and sparkles
Twas the Night Before Christmas with Daddy


Jim said...

Love the Christmas photos. Looks like you had a great time. Some day maybe we'll get to celebrate together. Miss you all!

Dave said...

Great Christmas Blog. Looks like you really captured the Christmas spirit. Memories to treasure forever.