Sunday, December 18, 2011

Under the Sea

After years of being second fiddle due to Addy's birthday being so close to Christmas, I finally got my act together and had a birthday party for Addy at the beginning of December. In fact, Evelyn and her already had it planned in the Summer just to make sure it actually took place. I guess planning ahead actually works? If you know me, I'm sure you know that wont happen two years in a row. The girls picked an Under the Sea theme so we had games like pass the mermaid, guess how many sea shells and flip the fish. Cakes by Angela made the most delicious cake I have ever had, and I don't like cake. But this cake, I had two pieces and am craving more.

Mermaid puzzles, rock candy, treasure chests w/chocolate gold

The Clan

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David said...

That looks like a great party. I'll bet she loved the cake.