Sunday, December 18, 2011

in our backyard

Ok, its not really our backyard. More like woods across the street but it is so close it feels like our backyard. A hike in there is one of the girls favorite things to do. A lot of times they will go with Brian and take a snack to eat on one of the boulders. Sometimes they wont come back for a few hours and I never understood what they could possibly be doing over there for so long. Turns out there are a lot of dares going on during their adventures. "Dare you to jump across that log", "dare you to knock that dead tree down" or "dare you to climb as high as you can up that boulder". After saying "I don't think so" a lot of times, Evelyn quickly told me I could stay home next time and that I was taking all the fun out of their hike. What are moms for, right?

The crazy tree Evelyn named Arthur and Addy says "it's doing yoga"

Yah, thats right, we bad, we bad

Zoom in to the tent. Do you see the aliens looking out of the opening? Crazy!

Daddy doing his dare

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