Saturday, March 24, 2012

Beater. Batter. Bowl.

Sissy has been busy all weekend with sleepovers, Girl Scouts & Soccer, so Addy has been in need of some "Special" treatment.  So we decided to throw caution to the wind and make some cookies for one reason...To Lick the Spoon.  Diabetes has taken away all the spontaneity of out life when it comes to food. Any food.  The best memories I have of making yummy treats with my mom is who gets the spoon or beater.  My brothers and I would all fight for who gets what.  Since Addy was diagnosed, that fun part of baking has been trashed.

Well, today Mommy felt bad that Sissy was having all the fun this weekend and we splurged.  Carbs? Who knows.  I just guessed and loaded her up before I let the licking begin.  Of course she turned licks into spoonfuls, finger swipes and bowl scraping.  It was so fun to watch her enjoy such a simple thing. Something everyone else takes for granted.

In her words, "This is the best day ever".  Really?  But sometimes, that is as simple as this kid needs.  Love you Addy. Today you made me remember how much the small stuff really does matter.

Waiting for the cookies!

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