Friday, October 28, 2011

Our Terrific Kid

Once a month, each classroom picks one child as a Terrific Kid. Each month they pick a different character trait.  Of course we are so proud of her, but even happier that others recognize her creativity and imagination. It may be just the boost of confidence she needs.  Maybe someday we will be going to her book signing!

After you read this, take a look back when Evelyn got terrific kid in first grade.

From her teacher:

"Evelyn was chosen for our terrific kid because she displays the character trait creativity in the classroom and in her writing daily.  She comes up with great creative stories that keep her classmates always wanting to hear more.  She gives such creative details that the readers feel like they are there with her in her stories.  Evelyn does a great job using her imagination to come up with unique creative stories. Great job Evelyn for showing creativity in our classroom!"

Our Terrific Kid getting a donut with Dad

Back row 

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