Monday, October 24, 2011

Anne Springs Close Greenway

Tired of the same old corn maze/pumpkin patch/hayride venue, we went searching for something different. Corn mazes just aren't my thing. Sundays are my brain's day off and maneuvering through a corn maze involves too much brain function. We stumbled upon Anne Springs Close Greenway, and a little history. We've passed the entrance to the greenway many times and never knew what it was. We weren't disappointed. Turns out the wagon trail was the first main road or wagon trail east of the Mississippi that ran from Augusta, GA to Philadelphia, PA.

Add a small fall festival with hayrides, pick your own pumpkins (our first real pumpkin patch since we've been in NC), food, etc. All the things one would hope for. But with an amazing backdrop, trails, lakes, barns, animals, cabins and fall foliage. A photographers dream. And wanna-be's like me.

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