Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hanging, Chilling, Playing

It is hard to believe the summer is almost over and the girls are headed back to school. Evelyn starts on Tuesday, August 25th and Addy starts after Labor Day. Where has the time gone!? The girls are also starting gymnastics again and have been practicing at home. Addy has started to use furniture for back walk-over's so I’m glad the season is starting again. We are spending our last days swimming, having play dates, and getting back into a night time routine. Unfortunately, Mommy has been sleeping in way too long and 6:15 a.m. will be a big shocker to my system. Poor me, right?!

Let’s see, what else is happening here? Today I had to take Addy to the Drs. She hasn’t been eating and seemed stressed at night when she is supposed to be sleeping (naps too). Plus, her voice is raspy and she is complaining her ear hurts. Dr. said she has swimmers ear and then also swabbed for strep. That came back negative but they did send if off to be cultured. In the meantime, no getting water in her ears (yea, right!). How am I supposed to keep her out of the pool?  Her latest complaint is that her tongue hurts. Not sure what that means but if it continues I will have to call the Dr. back.  Tomorrow we get to meet Evelyn’s teacher and visit her classroom.  She says she is a mixture of nervous, excited and scared.  She also starts gymnastics tomorrow.

Addy has been using the potty a lot. Most the time it is me asking her if she needs to go, but she does tell us 1/4 of the time. She is as crazy as ever. I’m A little nervous about her starting school since she is going through a pushing/hitting stage. Otherwise, she will do great. Here are some random photos of the girls and some friends (Jack & Riley) this week.

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