Thursday, May 31, 2012

Winding down

Hip Hop
Girl Scouts 

Everything is coming to an end for the season
and even though there is a whirlwind before the calm
the feeling of a stress-free Summer is in the air!

For Evelyn:
School: Evelyn passed her EOGs with flying colors. She was so excited to get everyones letters of encouragement and said she got more than most of the kids.  All last week and this week she is testing for AIG's for next year.  School ends next Friday, June 8.  Unfortunately, she won't be able to stay all day because her and the Girl Scouts are headed to Washington D.C. for the Girl Scouts 100 Year Rock The Mall Celebration. Mom's not looking forward to that. She is super excited.

Soccer season Evelyn LOVES soccer and that makes mommy very happy.  This is only her 2nd season and she improve more and more every practice.  We are so proud of her.  Her season ends this weekend with a tournament on Saturday and Sunday.  She will start up again in the Fall but will go to a soccer camp this Summer with some of the other girls on her team.

Girl Scouts Scouts has been quite time consuming this year.  All due to the D.C trip they are gearing up for.  After the trip, Scouts will be over until the Fall except for 2 days in the Summer.

Raising the flag at school

70's & 40's at Girl Scouts 100 year celebration

For Addy:
Preschool ended last Friday and she is tagging along with me on errands and playing with Riley a lot this week.

Soccer season was a bit trying this season.  Addy started out doing great and really enjoyed playing, but half way through the season, she decided she didn't like it anymore.  We made her stick with it but many times, it meant dealing with crying, pouting and burying her body into ours and not letting go. She ended up playing the last two games without any tears and seemed to enjoy herself.  Who knows what the Fall will bring as far as her participating in soccer.  I don't see it happening.

Gymnastics ends next Monday.  She will probably start up again in August.  I would like to switch her to tumbling only so I can see her get more out of it.

Hip Hop ends this Sunday after her dress rehearsal Saturday and recital on Sunday.  Not sure if she is more excited about the recital for the dancing or that she is allowed to wear eyeshadow, mascara & lipstick. She absolutely loves dancing so I'm pretty sure she will continue with hip hop.  Unfortunately, her buddy Riley won't so Addy is hesitating because she really loves dancing with her.

Addy & Riley ready for pics and dress rehearsal

Marquardt's Wildcats

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