Saturday, July 23, 2011


The last time Evelyn went fishing she screamed bloody murder when she caught a fish. Brian pulled the hook out and dumped it in our bucket. As the girls leaned in to check it out, it flapped around and Evelyn screamed in terror while Adeline laughed hysterically. That day is one of those memories that I can't help but explode with a huge grin and chuckle.

Well, years have past and all has changed.  Grandpa and Uncle Tim helped Evelyn reel in a few fish and I didn't hear one scream. My new memory is still a huge grin but this time a proud tear. Awesome Evelyn.

Grandpa holding Evelyn's catch

Aunt Lauri getting in on the action

Think she's getting bored

Cousin Dylan

Addison, Carly & Patrick

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