Saturday, January 2, 2010

long road home to resolutions

The holidays are over and we are driving back to NC thinking about the great time with family:


IMG_5050 IMG_5047

Watching the girls play with their uncles, aunt, cousins, grandparents, 2nd cousins and “Summer Friends”

IMG_5145100_3585 IMG_5249IMG_5212  IMG_5276  IMG_5154 IMG_5166

Celebrating Addy’s 3rd birthday

Meeting baby cousin Alex

IMG_5186 IMG_5225

Seeing cousin Shaun and Nicole’s beautiful new home. So jealous!

Enjoying Tim’s wine by his great fireplace almost every night

But, it wouldn’t be a holiday if one of us weren’t sick. Or most of us! All of us went into it with a cold but Brian and Addy got hit with a nasty stomach bug too. Both the girls had some “not-so-feel-good” days, but Addy was on again off again most of the time. She finally seems to be getting better, fortunately, for the long car ride back home.

It’s always sad to leave family, but we are looking forward to getting settled back home, organizing the excessive amounts of toys the girls received and getting started on our New Year.

The first thing on our New Year list is to get our Disney trip finalized. I can’t believe we leave in two weeks for that.  And a blink of an eye after that, Evelyn will turn 7.

So lets see what I hope for 2010…

Rock the gym

Eliminate sugar for the most part

Search for bedroom furniture and not give up this time

Organize the house

Lens for camera and Learn more

Utilize my time better

Take more photography classes

Imagine – Addy potty trained, our new addition decorated and furnished, me organized!

Ocean vacation

New boobs. Its not like it’s a secret! You all know that would be at the top of my list if B ever really gives in. Besides, I really need them for my ocean vacation!

Stick to the gym

Happy New Year everyone!

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Ali said...

great blog tracy! can't believe you have organize your house on there!! your house is so organized. can't wait to catch up.